Due to Incredible Pets being CLOSED on Sunday April 17th for Easter Sunday, we will be holding the next pet food voucher distribution on April 24th from


In the month of May we will be there on May 8th and May 22nd.

Starting in June and onward, we will be distributing vouchers on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

We will see you then! Thank you.



Keeping Pets and Families Together


Why We Do It 

For the people we serve, their pets are their lifeline,

providing emotional and physical security.

Our mission is to keep pets belonging to unhoused, low income, military and seniors in Nevada County fed, warm and healthy.


NCPIN's Pet Programs 

Make an impact to your local pet community by donating to NCPIN's Pet Programs. 

Our Pet Food and Vet Care Program both offer resources to Nevada County residents experiencing financial hardship. 

NCPIN's Pet Food Program

NCPIN's Pet Food Program is a voucher system offering families monthly assistance

for their pet food costs.  The program is a

year long, for families experiencing temporary hardship. Individuals who can prove long term hardship (low income seniors, veterans, and disabled) are allowed to reapply annually. 


NCPIN's Vet Care Program

NCPIN's Vet Care Program assists with basic vet care costs up to $200 with proven financial hardship. Depending on the cost of the veterinary care procedure, we may fundraise with the community to help assist with costs that exceed $200.  

*If you are a person in need of vet care assistance, please contact us at or 530-270-2065. (The NCPIN Operations Director makes the final determination regarding the individual’s eligibility. Funds raised are paid directly to the vet care provider.)


NCPIN Community

Pet Food Voucher Distributions at Incredible Pets


The Nevada County Pets In Need (NCPIN) Pet Food Voucher Program provides assistance with pet food costs through gift cards that can (only) be spent at Incredible Pets, located at 649 Sutton Way in Grass Valley.

For questions about eligibility, contact NCPIN Monday through Friday from 9AM-5PM at

530-270-2065 or email

Inquiries will be addressed within 24 business hours. Calls made after 5PM on Friday, will be returned on the next business day. Distributions take place at Incredible Pets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 10AM-12PM. The NCPIN Operations Director makes the final determination regarding the individual’s eligibility.


NCPIN's Dollar Thrift Celebrates 4th  Anniversary

NCPIN Dollar Thrift celebrates four years with being open an extra day. Proceeds from the Dollar Thrift funds the NCPIN Pet Food Voucher Program. 

Starting April 19th, 2022 we'll be open one additional day! Tuesday 11AM-4PM and Wednesday through Saturday 10AM-4PM.  We are located at 434 Colfax Ave in Grass Valley. 

Donations Accepted Tuesday 11AM-4PM and Wednesday through Saturday 10AM to 4PM. Store number: 530-205-9301


NCPIN Community Partnerships

Stay tuned for news about local partnerships.

No upcoming events at the moment

Donations can be mailed to:

111 Bank St. #1005 Grass Valley, CA 95945. For info: